Dimitri Lascaris (Palestine and the BDS Survey), David Barsamian’s Alternative Radio, Alexandra Henao from Migrant Workers Dignity Association

It’s just once a year that we volunteers at CFUV university/community radio station reach out to ask for donations.  Being publicly funded keeps us commercial free, and uncensored.  We choose our own guests and we invite in-depth contemplation of important issues rarely discussed in the corporate and state sponsored media.

I joined Mehdi Najari from the Hidden News (we share a time slot at CFUV) for some short interviews with Dimitri Lascaris (Lawyer and Activist), David Barsamian (Alternative Radio), and Alexandra Henao (Migrant Workers Dignity Association) who share information about their work, and their views on why it’s so important to support independent media outlets like CFUV.

Thanks for listening!


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International Women’s Day with Bev Sellers (First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining), and Photographer Isabella La Rocca

Bev Sellars is former Chief at the Xat’sull First Nation, she’s a best selling author of They Called Me #1: Secrets and Survival at an Indian Residential School and her most recent book is Price Paid: The Fight for First Nations Survival. Bev is now Chair of the First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining group and she’s received national coverage after purchasing the mineral rights on Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett’s private property.

Isabella La Rocca is an award winning photographer, she’s an ecofeminist, art professor, and a board member of the Women Environmental Arts Directory. Her photo exhibits, including Fast Food and Censored Landscapes, is intended as “part of a long tradition in photography: to bring to light and find beauty in the disregarded – hidden, unconscious, commonplace, distasteful – not in the service of commerce or reportage, but with integrity, compassion, and generosity.


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New vegan food sources in Victoria – Vegan Hippie Chick Cafe and The Very Good Butchers, also Lucie from RASTA sanctuary and Chris Cook’s What in the World update

Karen Rousseau is a Vegan mom (since 2011) and she’s so convinced about the benefits of the plant based lifestyle she’s opening the Vegan Hippie Chick Cafe on Fort Street in Victoria BC in March 2017.

James Davison is a chef trained in French cuisine, he met Tania Friesen while they were working in a vegetarian restaurant.  This weekend they’re launching The Very Good Butcher shop in the Hudson building on Douglas Street, offering all kinds of plant-based alternatives for the veg curious and the local plant based community.

Lucie Cherney moved the RASTA farm sanctuary from Alberta to Chemainus BC two years ago.  We check in with Lucie to hear about some of her farm friends and how they survived a particularly cold and snowy west coast winter.

And, Chris Cook with a What in the World update.


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Vic Film Fest Zaynê Akyol and Peter Svatek, Tayler Staneff and the Save Movement

Two filmmakers with their works included in the 2017 Victoria Film Festival:

Zaynê Akyol’s film Gulîstan, Land of Roses travels deep into the mountains and deserts of Kurdistan where armed female guerillas from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) defend Kurdish territory against ISIS. By offering a window into this largely unknown world, the film exposes the hidden feminist face of a revolutionary group united by a common vision of freedom.

Peter Svatek, writer and director of Theatre of Life, talks about the Refettorio Ambrosiano, an extraordinary soup kitchen conceived by renowned chef Massimo Bottura during the Milan 2015 World’s Fair. Massimo invited 60 of the world’s best chefs to join him to cook food for refugees and the homeless of Milan using uncooked waste food thrown out by Expo.

Tayler Staneff is the Former Operations Manager with Mercy for Animals Canada and her PhD research examines, among other things, “the human-animal relationship involved with industrial animal agriculture in Canada, and … illustrates the failures of the current legal system. My work assesses the blatant speciesism within our legal system and how this legalized animal exploitation also leads to the repression of those speaking out on the behalf of animals.” Tayler Staneff holds a MA in Critical Sociology and a BA in Political Science with a minor in Sociology from Brock University. She is currently volunteering her time to help change the world for animals through the Save Movement.


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Victoria Film Festival 2017

The Victoria Film Festival offers a diverse selection of Canadian, Indigenous, and International films produced by independent media artists.  It’s in Victoria February 3-12th 2017.

Programmer Donovan Aikman tells us about the festival and some of what goes on behind the scenes.

Also, film directors Jeremy Lutter (The Hollow Child) and Trevor Meier (A New Economy) talk about the process of filmmaking and why film festivals are so important for independent filmmakers.

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Ancient Forest Alliance and Ken Wu, Sierra Club and Green Jobs with Tim Pearson

Ken Wu is one of the founders of the Ancient Forest Alliance which believes that, “for the sake of future generations, we need to make the transition into a second-growth, value-added forest industry soon, BEFORE we eliminate the remaining unprotected old-growth forests. By logging second-growth stands at a slower, more sustainable rate of cut, and manufacturing more wood products here in BC – rather than increasing the export of raw logs to foreign mills – we can protect old-growth forests and sustain and create forestry jobs at the same time.”  Ken talks about forests, why we should care about protecting what’s left of the ancient ones, how doing so can boost local economies, and the AFA’s strategy for May’s provincial election.

Tim Pearson is a Director of Communications at the Sierra Club and his article, ‘Green Jobs BC: Working together toward a just transition,’ outlines a strategy to support workers, perhaps including a shift of the 3.3 billion dollar tax revenue that’s currently given to the profitable oil corporations, for a more sustainable future.  Tim’s working to establish relationships with a variety of different organizations, citizen groups, unions, etc.  Tim believes that, “to achieve long-acting solutions, we need to build a broad and sustainable political consensus on the need for action.  All of society needs to work together for a future that supports sustainable jobs in a healthy environment, a future that leaves no-one behind.

And, a “What in the World” update with Chris Cook from Gorilla Radio.

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Rod Coronado and Wolf Patrol, Chris Cook with a 2016 Year End Review

Wolf Patrol is a conservation movement based on principles of bio-centricity and cultural preservation.  Rod Coronado is formerly an advocate and activist with the Animal Liberation Front, a spokesperson for EarthFirst!, and a crew member with Sea Shepherd.  Rod explains the status of wolves throughout the USA and specifically in Wisconsin, and his law abiding efforts to work with government agencies and various organizations and individuals to protect wolves from hunters and ensure their right to exist.

Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio Wednesdays 1-2 pm at CFUV, and we chat about some of the stories that caught our interest us in 2016.

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