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Meatonomics author Dave Simon (originally broadcast at Animal Voices), and BC Coop Assn’s Director of Coop Development Kevin Harding – for WOC Aug 28 14

A rebroadcast from CIUT, Animal Voices‘ interview with Meatonomics author Dave Simon.  From their website: Simon, a lawyer, vegan, and author of Meatonomics, joins us to talk about the economics behind meat and dairy. Over the last 75 years, these industries have … Continue reading

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Imperial Metals’ Mt Polley Mine Disaster with Loretta Williams, Protecting the Flathead River Valley with Mark Worthing

Loretta Williams is a councillor with the Xeni Gwet’in First Nations Government, which is one of the six Tsilhquot’in communities situated in the interior of BC downstream from the Mt. Polley dam breach site.  She’s also a member of the First Nations Women … Continue reading

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Animal Industrial Complex – David Nibert (originally broadcast at Alternative Radio) for Winds of Change July 31st 2014

You may have heard of the military-industrial complex, maybe even the prison-industrial complex, but the animal industrial complex? Probably not. It’s huge. Meat consumption per capita in the U.S. exceeds all other countries except for Luxemburg. But the love affair with … Continue reading

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