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Winds of Change: Nukes or Alt Energy, Urban Sprawl, and Vancouver’s DTES

Stever Cornwell is an Energy Organizer with Greenpeace.  He informs us about Canada’s nuclear power industry and its relationship to government, about some of the fallout from Chernobyl and Fukushima, about nuclear waste, and about some of the clean alternative … Continue reading

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two native elders from lillooet more concerned about wilderness than $$

The BC Government and BC Hydro seem more concerned with providing energy for export than Indigenous Rights, or preserving wilderness and wildlife for future generations.  Roger Adolph and Marvin (Butch) Bob are former chiefs in the Lillooet region of British … Continue reading

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labour unions, activism, surviving the future

Labour unions, in the USA and Canada, are challenged with neo-conservative agendas that seek to dismantle them altogether.  As the saying goes, if you enjoy the weekend thank a labour unionist.  If not for worker’s rights we’d all be working … Continue reading

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