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Terri Hunter and the history of the Palestinians, What In The World with Chris Cook, Camas Bookstore volunteers Kelsey and Jeannine

Anthropologist and Architectural Historian Terri Hunter’s course, The Palestinians, begins January 30th at the Monterey Recreation Centre.  We talk about the history of the region, as determined by archeological records, and who the ancient Canaanites were – their food, art, … Continue reading

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Ben West and Tanker Free BC offer oil alternatives, Chris Cook’s Haiti update, Aaron Maiden and Rebel Beat Radio

Ben West is E.D. at Tanker Free BC (formerly with the Western Canada Wilderness Society and Forest Ethics) and he’s writing a crowdfunded book focussing on alternatives to expansion of Alberta’s Tarsands and other fossil fuel projects.  We talk about lifestyle … Continue reading

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2014 Year End Review with Chris Cook and Mehdi Najari

A look back at 2014 with CFUV radio hosts Chris Cook (Gorilla Radio, Wednesdays 1-2 pm) and Mehdi Najari (Hidden News, alternating Thursdays 11-noon).

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