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Vic Film Fest Zaynê Akyol and Peter Svatek, Tayler Staneff and the Save Movement

Two filmmakers with their works included in the 2017 Victoria Film Festival: Zaynê Akyol’s film Gulîstan, Land of Roses travels deep into the mountains and deserts of Kurdistan where armed female guerillas from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) defend Kurdish … Continue reading

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Victoria Film Festival 2017

The Victoria Film Festival offers a diverse selection of Canadian, Indigenous, and International films produced by independent media artists.  It’s in Victoria February 3-12th 2017. Programmer Donovan Aikman tells us about the festival and some of what goes on behind the scenes. … Continue reading

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Ancient Forest Alliance and Ken Wu, Sierra Club and Green Jobs with Tim Pearson

Ken Wu is one of the founders of the Ancient Forest Alliance which believes that, “for the sake of future generations, we need to make the transition into a second-growth, value-added forest industry soon, BEFORE we eliminate the remaining unprotected old-growth forests. By … Continue reading

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Rod Coronado and Wolf Patrol, Chris Cook with a 2016 Year End Review

Wolf Patrol is a conservation movement based on principles of bio-centricity and cultural preservation.  Rod Coronado is formerly an advocate and activist with the Animal Liberation Front, a spokesperson for EarthFirst!, and a crew member with Sea Shepherd.  Rod explains the … Continue reading

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Hearts on Noses, and Uxbridge Sanctuary and Organic Farm

Thanks to Animal Voices for permission to rebroadcast their interview with Mike Lanigan, cattle farmer turned farm sanctuary and organic vegetable farmer.  Mike was inspired by Edith Barabesh, a vegan employee who, over many years, quietly encouraged Mike to reconsider his life’s … Continue reading

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Earthsave’s David Steele, Amnesty International’s Craig Benjamin

Dr. David Steele is president of the non-profit Earthsave Canada, whose mission is to educate people about the health, ethical, and environmental impacts of their food and lifestyle choices.  David is a molecular biologist who retired from the Faculty of Medicine … Continue reading

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Rallying for the Earth with Eric Lescarbeau, Think Like an Animal with Leora Eisen

Eric Lescarbeau is a Vancouver based organizer with the Peoples’ Climate Convergence and a member of the International Socialists.  He explains why thousands of people will be rallying and marching (hopefully peacefully!) in Vancouver this weekend, expressing their concern about the impacts of … Continue reading

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