Nathalie Chambers and Saving Madrona Farm and the Blenkinsop Valley, Jennifer Whiteside and the HEU’s Care (for seniors) Can’t Wait Campaign

Nathalie Chambers, from Madrona Farm, believes we’ll all be better off when we acknowledge the ways that the First Nations stewarded the land and built a fertile foundation that today supports organic and sustainable agricultural practices.  She explains some of the challenges that local farmers face as the population expands and the cities grow, and tells us how we can help.

The “Care Can’t Wait” campaign acknowledges that, with four out of five care homes in B.C. underfunded and without sufficient staffing, there’s a crisis in seniors’ care homes.  Jennifer Whiteside is HEU’s secretary-business manager and she tells us why we should care and how we can be part of the solution.

And, Chris Cook with a “What in the World” update.

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