Terri Hunter and the history of the Palestinians, What In The World with Chris Cook, Camas Bookstore volunteers Kelsey and Jeannine

Anthropologist and Architectural Historian Terri Hunter’s course, The Palestinians, begins January 30th at the Monterey Recreation Centre.  We talk about the history of the region, as determined by archeological records, and who the ancient Canaanites were – their food, art, culture, and societal constructs.  Then, Chris Cook with a What In The World update.  And finally Kelsey and Jeannine from Camas Books talk about last night’s AGM – how it was organized and facilitated, the consensus decision making process, why that’s important, what the bookstore offers to our local community, and how we can support them.

About Janine Bandcroft

The Winds of Change airs every other Thursday 11-noon from CFUV listener supported radio in Victoria, on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish peoples. You can listen live anytime at cfuv.ca (it's a great station) and if you're able, we'd really appreciate if you contribute (even 5 bucks) to our annual funding drive.
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