Filmmaker Leon Lee and “Human Harvest,” 10 yr old Rupert demands environmental protection from City Hall, Chris Cook and “what in the world?”, Pashta Marymoon and some Solstice history – for WOC Dec 18 14

Investigating forced organ harvesting from possibly tens of thousands of Chinese prisoners of conscience led former journalist Leon Lee to David Matas (a human rights lawyer) and David Kilgour (formerly a Canadian MP), also Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, and other researchers who have uncovered forced labour work camps in China.  These camps hold tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners who were rounded up by a government that is threatened by the peaceful meditative practice that focuses individuals towards truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.  Leon Lee’s award winning documentary is currently called Davids & Goliath, but will be released in 2015 titled “Human Harvest.”  Then, an international news update from Chris Cook followed by 10 year old Rupert who, inspired by David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Campaign, is asking Victoria’s City Hall to officially recognize our right to a clean environment.  Finally, a re-recorded segment with Pashta Marymoon who shares some insight into what the very old winter solstice celebration (solstice taking place at 3:03 pst Dec 21) was/is all about.

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