Meatonomics author Dave Simon (originally broadcast at Animal Voices), and BC Coop Assn’s Director of Coop Development Kevin Harding – for WOC Aug 28 14

A rebroadcast from CIUT, Animal Voices‘ interview with Meatonomics author Dave Simon.  From their website:

Simon, a lawyer, vegan, and author of Meatonomics, joins us to talk about the economics behind meat and dairy. Over the last 75 years, these industries have worked hard to keep demand for their products high by aggressively marketing to kids and adults, and influencing government-issued food guides. At the same time, they have kept prices low by vigorously lobbying politicians for generous subsidies and industry-friendly laws. With a knack for explaining things like “externalized costs” and “checkoff programs” in plain language, Simon will show us what he sees as the consequences of an out-of-control system, and share with us his top 3 recommendations for starting to put things right. (And although Simon’s book focuses on the U.S., he will give us some Canadian context too.)

In the second half, Kevin Harding is Director of Co-op Development at the BC Cooperative Association and loves his work.  Kevin brings together people from various co-operatives, encouraging collaborations and connections, co-operation among co-operatives is one of the fundamental principles of the movement.  He tells us about some of the local offerings, why the co-op model is an important alternative to business-as-usual capitalism, and about the 2nd ever international Co-op Summit happening in Quebec in October.

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