Earth Defender Willi Nolan, and Anthropologist Chris Arnett for WOC June 19 2014

Willi Nolan is an elder with Mi’kmaq heritage.  She draws strength for her endless earth defending activism from the depths of indigenous spirituality.  Recently Willi was on the receiving end of a SLAPP suit intended to silence and intimidate her and anyone else who dares speak out and stand up against the earth destroying process known as “fracking.”  Today Willi shares inspiration, insight, and the facts of her personal struggle against the SWN corporation.  Then, Chris Arnett talks about some of the fascinating history of the diverse west coast indigenous cultures and the so-called “Douglas Treaties” that were, essentially, land claim documents imposed by the colonizing Europeans.  Like his Maori ancestors, the west coast First Nations really didn’t understand what they were getting into when entering into these agreements.  Thanks to Shelley Bluejay Pierce and Comrade Black for introducing me to these two.


About Janine Bandcroft

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One Response to Earth Defender Willi Nolan, and Anthropologist Chris Arnett for WOC June 19 2014

  1. Shelley BluejayPierce says:

    EXCELLENT!! thank you for covering the important things and all things we the People need to live well and EDUCATED! <>

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