Winds of Change – January 3 2012 – Charles Holmes and Raw Food, Dallas Courchene and Idle No More

Charles Holmes discovered the wonders of a raw food diet to heal his own body, and now he and his partner Wind are working to help others find good health.  He advocates a pro-terrain diet, has created the CORE (Complete Optimal Regenerating Environment) document, and is president of  Dallas Courchene is of Ojibway/Chippewa origin, and very inspired by and involved with the Idle No More movement that’s sweeping the nation and the world.  We talk about the movement, what’s going on that people likely haven’t heard about if they’re still depending on the corporate and state media for “news,” and about Dallas’ 7th Generation Consulting Enterprises project.  And, an update on the upcoming Enbridge Review Panel Hearings scheduled for Victoria (Lkwungen Territory) next week from Nikki at


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The Winds of Change airs every other Thursday 11-noon from CFUV listener supported radio in Victoria, on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish peoples. You can listen live anytime at (it's a great station) and if you're able, we'd really appreciate if you contribute (even 5 bucks) to our annual funding drive.
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2 Responses to Winds of Change – January 3 2012 – Charles Holmes and Raw Food, Dallas Courchene and Idle No More

  1. Hi Janine! Thank you for the interview… I’d like to clear some things up first however.

    7th Generation Consulting Enterprises is a now defunct (for several years) project I initiated back in 2008 that helped me to travel Canada speaking to aboriginal youth. The blog you posted is some of that information I shared. I stopped doing presentations because I didn’t like being paid to do it – I always wanted to do it for free and now can do so with Idle No More.

    Also, the file you uploaded is only 2 mins long…

    If anyone wants to know about how Idle No More is becoming a rallying call for all Canadians and just how extensive and innovative our ideas for positive social change are already being enact are, please watch a recording of the online teach-in here:


    Just replace the ((DOT)) with a period. In the description you can jump to any topic of interest!

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