two native elders from lillooet more concerned about wilderness than $$

The BC Government and BC Hydro seem more concerned with providing energy for export than Indigenous Rights, or preserving wilderness and wildlife for future generations.  Roger Adolph and Marvin (Butch) Bob are former chiefs in the Lillooet region of British Columbia, and they’re faced with yet another divide-and-conquer agreement signing that will put some money in some hands, and take all rights to land and water away from the people for all time.  Their concern is that their friends and family don’t really understand the implications of the agreement, set for ratification on May 10th 2010 (the same day the Declaration of 1911 was enacted).  They want media attention, lawyers, and support to stop what will undoubtedly result in further devastation to the land and its creatures, and the final loss of sovereignty for the indigenous people of the region.


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One Response to two native elders from lillooet more concerned about wilderness than $$

  1. gelgelatkwa7 from tsalalh aka alaina tom said “go ahead, please post my comments with my name … thank you for taking interest in our problem. its very scary how quickly they are pushing this signing of the agreement ahead. After 18 years of secret/confidential negotiations they gave the entire tribe 4 months to understand the agreement, keeping in mind that some people only got their packages in the mail the day before the vote. out of 4677 eligible voters, only 2083 voted. This goes against our traditional ways of consensus. It is our human right as a tribe without a treaty in canada to exercise our right NOT to vote within the canadian (indian act) system. There is no treaty here, we cannot expect elders to understand these agreement booklets which contain tiny printing of legal jargon who even I have a hard time reading and understnading. I needed a dictionary on every page but I am determined to expose this ongoing genocide of my people. the cancer here is so high there is no reason for our tribe to accept this or accept employment here. we must stop this killing machine now. Although compensation is taking place, joining forces with BC hydro will NOT stop the killing. This agreement give hydro access to water, roads and forbids anyone from the tribe to ever protest or make claims against hydro FOREVER! SAD. Im sure NOBODY actually read the agreement and we must not trust hydro to understnd our connection to the land or uphold its end of the agreement. We must stop it now!
    thank you for listening and giving us a chance to have our voices heard. I am a mother of four young children and I grew up under the powelines my entire life and Ive lost many family members, namely women and babies due to the electric forces that are a constant presence in our homelands. 
    alaina tom
    native youth

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