earth blocks and animal rights

Earth blocks are used in Africa and India, they’re part of the Great Wall of China, so why don’t we build with them in North America?  Rick Habgood and Bill Marsh talk about a viable solution to deforestation, and homelessness, if only we can convince governments to get out of the dark ages and stop preventing us from using our imaginations and creativity.  In the second half, Sue Cross and her new book:  On The Menu: Animal Welfare, available at Sue’s based in Ireland, and her book provides fact based information about what goes on behind the scenes for people who choose to consume animal products.

About Janine Bandcroft

i produce independent media because i like to stay informed and i prefer to find alternatives to the corporate/state news narratives so i can contrast and compare and make up my own mind. i've learned that news is relative to the person experiencing it. media is a form of education and, while we have access to the technology, we might as well make the best possible use of it. we can find news sources we trust, and then support them so they can remain autonomous and free to speak their truth without feeling obligated to their funding sources.
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